Totally American specialty shop

An American atmosphere hangs over the interior of SOHO, which is lined with imported items. The shop is a treasure trove of items you can only find in the United States! We propose American style items from various aspects such as military, Hawaiian, bikers, and work.
Clothing by “Ralph Lauren,” a typical American brand, is very popular, with children and adults managing to wear them fashionably.
Why not pursue your own original American style at SOHO?

Displayed on the first floor of SOHO are men’s and women’s clothing ranging from basic to trendy styles.
The first floor is full of items that give a little spice to your dressing fashionably!

We have a wide selection of vintage jeans and other items that are irresistible to American jeans lovers!
Sports T-shirts and stadium jackets licensed by the four major American sports organizations (MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL) and other organizations are also available. You can always enjoy American style items such as biker jackets and boots!

Since military wear and other US military surplus items, as well as military wear directly imported from Europe, are authentic, they are recommendable as fashionable items that are slightly different.
Military T-shirts and other items that use the US military as a motif are very popular as fashionable wear!

Store information

Store Name SOHO
Hours 10:00-21:00
Closed Open all year round
Address 9-2 Aza Mihama Chatan Town (Bldg. “C” of Depot A.B.C.)
Credit Cards Accepted
Phone 098-982-7785