HabuBox Mihama

HabuBox: The pioneering brand of Okinawan T-shirts

The second shop of Habu Box, the pioneering brand of Okinawan T-shirts that have continued to be made for 32 years.
We have a large collection of original goods only available here and unique items that use Okinawa as a motif.☆
The high quality products and innovative ideas are unique to Habu Box where research has been conducted for a long time.
Original items such as Okinawan-pattern polo shirts called “Polo Yushi” and cut and sewn items that “seem familiar but are rare” as well as half-pants and socks are a must see!

Store information

Store Name HabuBox Mihama
Hours 11:00-21:00
Closed Open all year round
Address 9-12 Aza Mihama Chatan Town (1st floor of Bldg. “B” of Depot A.B.C.)
Credit Cards Accepted
Phone 098-926-0421
Website http://www.habubox.com/