Yamachu Honpo

An exciting Okinawan/American style souvenir shop Yamachu Honpo “The Chatan/Okinawa Story”

Crowded every day with local customers and tourists, the shop has a wide selection of choice Okinawan goods!
We have an unparalleled lineup of limited Okinawa editions of character goods from the popular anime “One Piece,” as well as “Various Character Goods.” We also have a wide selection of Okinawan sweets and local items made in Okinawan and Chatan, including the “Chatan Awamori ‘Choro’ in Nanban (Western) Jug” and original Awamori bottles with Ryukyu glass cups that are available only at our shop. We also offer Okinawan folk handicraft articles, imported chocolates, and other souvenirs, so we encourage you to stop by when you are on a tour or just going out.

Store information

Store Name Yamachu Honpo
Hours 9:30-22:00
Closed all year round
Address First floor, Depot Island Bldg. “E” 9-1 Mihama, Chatan Town
Credit Cards Accepted VISA,mastercard,JCB,AMERICAN EXPRESS,Diners
Phone 098-936-8430
FAX 098-936-8466
Website http://www.ryukyu-factory.com/