la.goon OKINAWA

La.goon OKINAWA is an original accessories and miscellaneous goods store in Mihama, Chatan. Hawaiian music flows comfortably through the white-walled store, creating the atmosphere of being on the beach.

Recommended products are charms based on tropical flowers such as hibiscus and plumeria and turtles called Honu in Hawaii. The popular point is that you can customize your favorite straps and bracelets by combining your favorite items. Make your own accessories as you like, making them a favorite you’ll want to wear every day.

Sneakers that collaborated with Converse are limited editions that are not available anywhere else. There are many customers visiting for their unique designs using Ishigaki beef leather and traditional Okinawan weaving.

In addition, there are a variety of products with a tropical mood, such as hair clips that are perfect for hula costumes and vitamin-colored pouches that can be energized just by holding them. Come to travel memories and presents for yourself.

Store information

Store Name la.goon OKINAWA
Hours 11:00-21:00
Closed New Year's holiday
Address 1st floor, Depot Island Bldg. “A” 9-1 Mihama, Chatan Town
Credit Cards Accepted
Phone 098-936-5551