Depot Island

Through its diverse history, beginning from the Ryukyu Kingdom (����-����), Okinawa prospered through trade with Asian countries. Over a vast area of about �,��� kilometers east to west, its warm, clear, blue waters and beautiful natural landscapes form spectacular vistas. Visitors also encounter its unique culture and legends. A mere ��km from Naha Airport, the sea, and the city unite at Depot Island. The area has many hotels and convenient access to the highlights of the island. Mihama, Chatan Depot Island Okinawa Naha Airport P O A C C E I A FI N C AT O L C A E N A T N IC O IN C D E IA A NN O A C R E T A IC N T J O AP K A Y NO OKINAWA P O A C C E I A F N IC about �� min. from Naha Airport by car APP A convenient app allows you to check the products and menus of Depot Island shops with images. Destination map d i sp l ay wi t h l oca l GPS f unc t i on . Keyword store search is possible. Depot Island Official App i-Phone version Android version