Depot Island

Depot Events The photo is before the spread of COVID-19 infection 夏の風物詩 エイサー! Diverse cultural and food festivals and events, such as "Art Festival," "Wine Festival," "Awamori Festival," "Yachimun (Traditional Okinawan Craft) Market," and "Okinawan Daily Goods Marche" are held regularly at the Depot Island Boardwalk. With its cool and comfortable sea breeze, the sun setting over the sea in front of you, sunset sky dyed in pink, and live music, the outdoor venue makes the atmosphere all the more exciting. From November through the end of the year, brilliant illuminations light up the city, and you see giant snowmen and Christmas gif t items everywhere during the season. Halloween on Oct . ��st ever y year is a big event in Mihama, attracting people in full disguise throughout the prefecture. With its extraordinary ambiance and presence of many Americans, Depot Island is the favorite photo spot for cosplayers. Every Oct. 31st Masquerade Get Together! The international atmosphere of Depot Island is unique. The t h r i l l o f t h e e v e n t s y o u experience and enjoy on your tr ip is endless and real , like discovering new concepts and interacting with the locals. Meet newconcepts and people on the Boardwalk Fresh Vegetables at MorningMarche